Whatever you ask in My name.

Joh 14:12-17; 5:43; 12:27-28; 15:7-11; 16:23-24; 20:21; Php 3:8-11; Rom 3:23-24; Col 1:9-12; 4:2-4; 1Jo 5:14-15; 2Th 1:11-12.

JOHN-111-230604 - length: 59:10 - taught on Jun, 4 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
June 4, 2023

JOH 14:12-17

“Whatever you ask in My name”

  1. Greater works (verse 12)
  2. Answered prayer (verses 13-14)
  3. Loving Christ (verse 15)
  4. Another Counselor (verses 16-17)

JOH 14:13-14

Verses 13 and 14 explain how the great works in verse 12 will come to pass.

Jesus will do these greater works through believers.

the purpose: that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

the means: prayer in Jesus’ name.

JOH 5:43

Jesus came in His Father’s name.

He did His works in His Father’s name.

He prayed to the Father that the Father’s name would be glorified.

JOH 12:27-28

Jesus set the precedent for us.

JOH 20:21

JOH 14:13

To ask for something in Jesus’ name is to ask for something that will glorify the Father in the Son!

If this prayer is answered, will the Father be glorified in the Son?

Having Jesus approval and endorsement.

Operating under the authority of Jesus.

Being of one mind with the Lord concerning this request.

One cannot ask for anything in Jesus’ name until he has come to know Him.

PHI 3:8-11

When a believer has come to know Christ, he’ll know what to ask for in Jesus’ name.

Preaching the good news about Jesus Christ to all men and women.

ROM 3:23-24

To pray for the ability to spread the gospel message is to pray in Jesus name.

COL 4:2-4

A person cannot effectively ask for anything IN JESUS NAME, until…

he has come to know Jesus well enough to know that Jesus endorses that request.

It was their commencement.

JOH 16:23-24

  1. by continuing in His word,
  2. by learning the truth from Holy Spirit, and-
  3. by doing what Jesus commanded them to do.

Abiding in His love, and His word abiding in them.