Discussion Guide for informal Bible study

Simple Ground Rules

STUDYGUIDE-1-131107 - length: 10 - taught on Nov, 7 2013

Class Outline:

Guide for informal Bible study

Simple Ground Rules

  • Be considerate of others.
  • Be well-behaved. Good manners. Courtesy.
  • When it is someone’s turn to speak, the rest of us listen.
  • If you cannot behave properly, we will regretfully need to ask you to leave.
  • Not a gripe session
  • Not a chance to argue
  • Not a forum to show how much you know

Family coming together in worship to come to grips together with a subject or Bible passage as the Living Word.  Ministering Christ to one another.


Discussion Guidelines

  1. What does the passage say
  2. What does it mean
  3. What does it mean FOR US
  4. Go verse by verse and ask, “What does it mean for us as a family to live in this?  How are we to live according to what this is saying?”
  • Questions on the subject are welcome
  • Insights on the subject are welcome
  • Things that are troubling to you related to the subject are welcome

In other words, for the benefit of everyone, we will keep things on point, and be orderly.

Need (1) a facilitator and (2) a note taker.

For the time being, John Farley will serve as facilitator.

One person at a time speaking, with the others listening.

Our authority on everything is the Bible.

Especially welcome are additional scriptures that speak to the subject, the Bible passage, or any question that another member of the Body has expressed.

Best of all are words speaking the truth in love,  in the Spirit,  that edify  us all as to how we as a family in Christ can best live in the meaning of the passage.