Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.

1Co 5:1-13; Rom 8:35-39; Luk 6:24-26; 1Ti 1:19-20; 1Pe 4:1-2; Gal 5:7-10; 6:1; 2Th 3:6-15; Tit 3:9-11.

1COR-13-190602 - length: 70:05 - taught on Jun, 2 2019

Class Outline:

John Farley
June 2, 2019

Memorial for Ian Jarvis
Tuesday June 4, at 5 PM

Advent Church in Lake Worth
2116 Lantana Road


Remove the wicked man from among yourselves

1CO 5:1-13

We are members one of another. When one member suffers, all members suffer.
We are God’s family.

1 Corinthians is about love. It is about how much the Father loves the church, the body of His Son.

ROM 8:35-39

Why are divisions so evil?
Because they break apart the congregation.

Why remove the wicked man from among yourselves? Because a little wickedness can ruin the whole congregation.

1CO 5:1-2

Paul does not call this man a brother or a saint.

“his father’s wife”. This does NOT mean his mother!!

This was another wife of the father.

Since this was a shocking case of immorality, the father was probably still married to this woman.

They should have been saddened by this outrageous behavior, but instead they were laughing about it.

LUK 6:24-26

They should have mourned, and prayed that this one might be removed from them.

1CO 5:3-5

Notice what is NOT said about the immoral man.

The authority to deliver one to Satan was given to the apostles only.

1TI 1:19-20

Through intense suffering in satan’s world, they would learn the lesson.

Physical suffering for spiritual deliverance.

1PE 4:1-2

1CO 5:6-8

Leaven refers to evil and impurity.

GAL 5:7-10

Passover was followed by the Feast of Unleavened Bread, during which all leaven was removed from the house.

1CO 5:9-13

Our job is to evangelize them,
not to judge them.

We should make sure that our own house is in order!

These are flagrantly sinful lifestyles.
A lifestyle is what a person habitually does.

“immoral” refers to having sex outside of marriage

“covetous” means greedy, a lover of money

“idolator” is one who worships idols, particularly in practicing a false religion

reviler” is one who uses malicious speech and spreads lies

“drunkard” is one who is habitually intoxicated, and is in rebellion. Even turning up drunk when the saints assemble (see 1CO 11:21)

“swindler” is someone who cheats people out of their money or property. A thief.

We are instructed not to associate with such a person. In fact, we are not even to eat with him.

This does NOT refer to a believer who occasionally lapses.

The assembly as a whole is expected to not associate with such a person.

GAL 6:1

Notice what other behaviors call for separation or removal.

2TH 3:6-15

TIT 3:9-11

This all gets simple when we see ourselves as family.