1st Corinthians

24 2019

Has Christ been divided?

John Farley Pastor-Teacher Sunday, March 24, 2019   Has Christ been divided? What goal did God have when He inspired Paul to write 1 Corinthians? God’s purpose was to restore and reunite the saints, SO THAT… God poured the full measure of His grace into the...
17 2019

New Las-lulu.

John Farley Pastor-Teacher Sunday, March 17, 2019   New Las-lulu The solutions are rooted in Christ, in the power of His cross and resurrection. Look back to the cross. Then look forward to the Rapture. AGENDA Meeting of the Elders Church at Corinth...
10 2019

Board of Elders, AD 54, Corinth.

John Farley Pastor-Teacher Sunday, March 10, 2019   Board of elders, AD 54, Corinth 1Co 1:1-11  Quite simply, then, he is writing to the believers in Corinth. “so-called brother” (1Co 5:11) expresses doubt whether he is a believer. when...
03 2019

Say it ain't so, Chlo(e).

www.gbcpakistan.org The direct mission of Grace Bible Church Pakistan is to serve a flock of Christians in Arifwala, Pakistan.  They had the Grand Opening of their new church building in December! Our dear friends Gene...
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